On Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene

Recently Tropical Storm Irene struck the Northeastern United States. My parent’s Cape Cod home saw little rain but high winds. Power was knocked out for them on Sunday, Monday, and the first nine hours of Tuesday. Luckily, the majority of their property escaped harm, save mostly small branches and leaves knocked down in the back yard. The secondary refridgerator, a Wel-Bilt manufactured in Yugoslavia, a nation which has not existed since the Clinton Administration, was the biggest loss of the storm for them.

Given the storm’s more inland path and the greater resources available to my immediate family on Cape, who were largely out of harm’s way, I decided to tempt fate and make sure my significant other rode the storm out safely with her dog. Here are some images I took after the storm in the surrounding area of Mansfield/Foxboro/Plainville.

This photo may be the most dramatic, and was particularly disturbing as it was along the normal route along which I walk the dog and thus very close to home.

If you squint, I think the vehicle may actually have escaped major damage. I only managed to get this shot to come out clearly, but to the naked eye it seemed that the roofline and hood contours were rather intact. For a tree falling onto a car, the damage could easily have been much worse.

The local media coverage explained that many trees had toppled due to the ground being saturated, making the roots’ grip slippery. This is not the case in the following photo.

It is the case in the next three photos, however. As you may be able to see, this tree was rooted in very moist soil and mulch. It toppled over in nearly one piece, and also away from the building it neighbors.

Although I am an imposing 5’7″, the exposed part of the fibrous root network clearly stood taller than I. That’s still impressive to me, anyway.

A final two shots of a rather large tree limb rent asunder from its trunk, and a sizeable tree turned turtle.


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