On Goals, Maturation, and Pragmatism

This could easily be the basis for a few “Important Things With Demetri Martin” shows. For those who may be unfamiliar, Demetri Martin had a show for a little while on Comedy Central that was very organized. Each show would have a topic, and the skits and their jokes would be reasonably related to the overall concept. Some shows were more coherent than others. I didn’t laugh as often as I would during other comedy shows, but it was more intellectually engaging to me than anything else the channel offered. I digress.

With the new year many people make resolutions. I tend to only have one recurring resolution, and that is to read fifty books a year. Some years I’ve come dangerously close, but I haven’t been able to accomplish it.

I’ve been thinking more about goals overall recently, and I can attribute this to three prompts. First is my overall goal for a career choice. Given that fact that there are so many people having trouble finding work, I’m lucky to have even largely seasonal employment, and also lucky that my licensure is valid for five years of professional long-term contracted employment, not five calendar years. The best I can do now is look, try to further improve my writing through practice, both formal and informal, and do what I can to make myself as well-rounded an individual as possible, and further my knowledge in my chosen academic field.

The second thing that has me thinking about goals involves music. I feel that this directly relates to maturation. I have hit a point where I feel I will not considerably improve as a drummer, lest I do nothing but practice for multiple hours a day. I can only play rolls so fast before I plateau. Maturation tells me that there are other ways I can improve besides increased speed and volume. It also has helped me to recognize what is best suited to make me better at my hobby versus whatever some person in a glossy magazine ad is telling me is the best thing to buy. I have before and could easily again dedicate an entire post to drum construction and my thoughts on why I feel I can design something better than what the market offers right now, but I’ll save that for later.

Pragmatism has struck me because when I was younger, the first thing I thought of when I came in to unexpected money was to look at my drumset and find an area to improve. Currently I’m looking at pooling Christmas and birthday money to get a hard-shell cymbal case. The one I have now is soft nylon, which does keep them organized and scratch-free, but a topple or fall would prove fatal. To my chagrin, it seems like every case I can find with wheels has the wheels integrated into the main compartment. This means sand and the general muck around New England in winter is siphoned and gently sandblasting the $1,000 worth of metal I’m trying to protect.

I’m starting to think the entire industry is incompetent.


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