The Inspiration for Cell Phones Came From This Franchise, Too

This story is a little late, as I and I’m sure many other people made the connection instantly when Apple debuted its iPad device.

I have mixed feelings about Apple stuff. I tremendously enjoy my iPod (120 GB), which allows me to program my own radio station before I even get in the car. No fiddling with the radio lets me focus on what’s really important, the road.

There is no denying that iPhones and Droids, the app-platform smartphones, are current status symbols. Netbooks are as well, to a lesser extent, and in this company I lump the iPad.

All but the last are more protable than my laptop. However, the monthly contract and data plans quickly make them more expensive than my laptop. I also have much more hard drive memory and the option to store more content on external hard drives or by way of cloud computing.

The touch interface of these screens is nifty, but typing is much more cumbersome on any phone or touchscreen compared to a standard keyboard.

Perhaps this is nothing more than a permutation of the stick shift vs. automatic transmission debate.

In any event, let’s collectively apply ourselves to figuring out food replication, medicinal, and atmospheric defense technologies rather than fighting amongst ourselves.

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