My Winter Plans and When the War Came

First, I should announce that I have decided to remain in Massachusetts for the time being. This is where I belong for the time being, and I will find a way to make things work. So I shall look forward to seeing you intermittently over the next few months.

Second, those of you with good memories will recall an entry some months ago about people purchasing abandoned missile silos and converting them into living quarters. I recently came across this article, originally published by USA Today .

In the event the link expires, the article is about the resurgant interest in fallout shelters, originally popular during the Cold War. In my travels I have come across only one building that expressly advertises having such a facility. There is an extensive facility built into the Greenbrier resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, intended to defend Congress until recently. What really piques my interest is that if the government has relinquished control of such a facility, they must have either extensively upgraded (which is my inclination) or they have deemed such a place wholly unnecessary.

The article does address the fact that this is another form of class warfare (literally), and there are some specifics that would need to be clarified prior to investing in such a service. The comment section, normally a lawless, tribal land, uncharacteristically stays on topic and further develops issues the article both raises and overlooks. Notably, how self-sufficient are such units? What type of diagnostic equipment do they possess to determine if the surrounding environment is hospitable once more? More importantly, would the cultural elite be able to independently rebuild society? I don’t even change my own oil. I can’t even drive a stick. Would I trust myself to be a farmer, or to design a waste management system?

It’s no wonder some commenters desire a quick exit.


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3 responses to “My Winter Plans and When the War Came

  1. Grandma

    Hi Chris, I haven’t read your blog for quite a while, so it took me a while to catch up. I love that you are still playing the drums and you still enjoy it. I intend to have Duke read the blog about the case you made. He would be proud of you. I also think he will be interested in your thoughts on baseball. I keep praying for you to find a teaching job (I think you would be great at it), so keep trying. Hope everything else is going well for you. Love Grandma

    • mrcboccuzzi

      It is always good to hear from you! I decided to stay in the hopes that I would be able to serve as a substitute across multiple districts, and hopefully use that as an entry point to the field.

      • Grandma

        Hi, I haven’t looked at your blog for a while, so I am glad to see you will be around for the winter. I think you are making a good choice to substitute. I think that is the way to get a foot in the door. Hope all is well. Love Grandma

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