Odds and Ends

I am either still cheeseburger-drunk from last Monday’s trip to Eagles Deli in Boston or reading forty pages of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies may have damaged my cognitive faculties. I apologize in advance as I anticipate frequent stops and starts ahead.


I was greatly surprised to learn that the Charlie Card/Ticket stations return change in dollar coins without forwarning. I like taking the T, and it would be worth investigating extending service further south to the Cape. I would have certainly used it in college.

Speaking of education, I feel cheated, and I take solace in the fact that it is not just me. Ever since high school I have listened to stumping for my age group to look into teaching, that Massachusetts would even reimburse the cost of your education to become a teacher. A massive retirement wave was brewing, they said. If I have learned nothing else, it is to ignore the talking heads.

If I went for a highly specialized trade, say to be an air traffic controller, and still did not have a job in my field by now, I’d be furious. However, I’m reading various articles that whole classes are graduating in the supposedly red-hot field of healthcare and not a one can get their foot in the door anywhere.

I am very grateful that I have no debt and that there will always be a core need for teachers, as well as police officers, firefighters, medical personnel, culinary artists, and general recreation. I don’t like the idea that it’s nigh impossible to get into the field at this stage and to have no job security whatsoever. But, so far I think things have worked out fine. I cannot look at my life thus far with dissatisfaction.

The local music scene, which happens to be populated with people I went to school and played with, has eroded considerably since I left for Florida. I will preserve their anonymity out of respect and a wish that they improve. There were two bands that were highly enjoyable to watch at the close of last summer. Several line-up changes have sullied both, who have been quite dull and/or meandering. The enthusiasm, the love for what they do, is absent. I understand you must play to the bar crowd a bit. But both of these bands snuck in a few songs that they liked, and in turn, it livened up the atmosphere and drew a larger crowd. The band that cast the longest shadow was visibly disinterested in the songs they were playing in the area’s largest town in probably the most accessible venue, and with the state of the economy, this is the time for a band to go and shine their brightest-not stumble through songs I’ve seen them dominate time and again.

Yes, all good things must come to an end. But presently there is no apex predator; just half-hearted attempts on three fronts.

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