The Georgia Aquarium’s Ocean Voyager Part II of III: The Manta Rays

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the Georgia Aquarium is the only facility in the United States that houses Whale Sharks and Manta Rays. Both of these large fish live in the same main tank, which is known as the Ocean Voyager exhibit.

More on the Manta Ray:

Unlike the Whale Sharks, the Mantas came right up to the window, and thus were rather easy to photograph.

This next photo shows the Manta swimming in loop-de-loops. I was watching him feed, and the Aquarium employee explained that they swim like this to strain their food, which is piped into various spots within the tank.

If you look closely into their mouth, I was surprised to find that their body is largely hollow.

I am very pleased with how this next one turned out. It will be my desktop background soon enough.

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