Broadcasting From Atlanta: Big Pie in the Sky

Last night I followed through on a whim to try “The Vortex” on the basis of its appearance on the Travel Channel’s “Man Vs Food” program. The drinks were pleasantly chilly, plentiful, and the bacon cheeseburger was enjoyable. It doesn’t beat Eagles Deli (featured on the Boston episode) nor a handful of others I’ve had, but it was most certainly better than Burger King.

Another eatery featured on the program was “Big Pie in the Sky Pizzeria”, which the show visited for its “Carnivore Challenge”.

When I arrived, I was incredulous that I had the right place.

The building looked too small. I was also suspicious as it was in a plaza near a Publix supermarket.

It was the right place, though. There’s the advertisement for the “Carnivore Challenge” (which Man Vs Food was defeated by).

The people just behind me in line were cavalier enough to make an attempt.

I was much more conservative with my order, just a chicken parm sub and a slice to try their pizza (which fails miserably against Regina’s in Boston).

The size of that slice is roughly equivalent to the size of an infant. Observe:

Lastly, a quick shot of the interior to emphasize just how small it is.

A full photo tour of the Georgia Aquarium is on the way in the coming days.

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