A Migrant Worker Once More In Eight Days, and a Smattering of Other Topics

Article I: My Departure and Travel Plans

My last shift here is April 27th, and there is no sense in delaying my return north (we are allowed three days following the conclusion of our employment to vacate). I will first venture to Atlanta to visit the Georgia Aquarium, the largest in the world. They boast two Whale Sharks, the largest species of shark, as well as extremely large Manta Rays, one of the largest observation windows, and a magnificent observation tunnel that is not motorized (unlike the one at SeaWorld which whisked the visitor through the poisonous fish without adequate time to appreciate them).

I cannot in good conscience have made the six-hour trip to SeaWorld Orlando but pass up the opportunity to experience this:

After I make this stop, which is a solid nine and a half hours one-way from my current location, I must make a choice: I can either venture north through Tennessee and rejoin 81, the route which I took south, or, I can head east and take 95. I feel 95 is longer, and being more of a busy corridor inherently carries more risk. I am curious to see the extended roadway that lies either off the coast of the Carolinas, Virginia, or Maryland, I forget which it is. I also suspect I’ll have to deal with New Jersey and New York City, both of which I’d like to avoid.

Seeing as I am returning home by myself, I am inclined to take it safe and stick with 81.

Article II: The Impression I Made On My Superiors

We were given our end-of-season evaluations recently; I was deemed extremely polite and friendly to the clients. Fear can bring out the best in us, sometimes. The arrangement is modern-day Feudalism.

They are amicable to my return next year, should I desire. Thankfully I do not have to tell them now. It is nice to leave this door option as an “If All Goes Wrong” option. I have been able to live frugally these past few months.

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