SeaWorld Part XIII of XIV: Stingrays Underwater

The final attraction (and yet, a final installment remains…) I stopped at was the newest, the recently opened “Manta”, which first opened May 22, 2009. It is both a rollercoaster (which I did not ride) and aquatic observatory. The good people of SeaWorld took into consideration that some people may just want to see the animals, rather than wait in line for a ride.

The dolphins look like they are laughing or smiling. This one here just seems to smirk.

They resemble a flock of birds from this vantage point.

It may look like a little tree, but it's actually an animal.


It may look like seaweed, bt it’s actually somewhat related to a Scorpion Fish. They look like a cross between kelp and a Sea Horse up close.

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