SeaWorld Parts XI and XII of XVI: The Stingray Lagoon, Sea Turtles, and Flamingos; Also, Dan Quayle’s Gaffe and Internet Credibility

I last left you with my pictures and impressions of the adult dolphins, who were more rough around the edges than their juvenile offspring. A few paces from the adult dolphin tank was an above-ground lagoon where you could pet stingrays as they cruised by. I remember Steve Irwin was killed in a freak accident where one sailed through the air, landed in the boat, and stabbed him in the heart. I kept my distance. The fact that the first aid station was located here added to my wariness.

The weather had cleared to a fantastic sunshine by now, roughly around three in the afternoon. This made photographing this ray and the others in this entry much more difficult, as I was fighting the water’s glare.

Further down was the “Turtle Point” exhibit, featuring I believe a Hawksbill Turtle.

The turtles, as you can judge, were difficult to see. I’m fairly sure that this area was used for rehabilitation purposes, which would explain the few animals and their inaccessability to the general public. The New England Aquarium does trump SeaWorld in this regard (those of you who have seen that large central cylindar tank will know what I’m talking about).

Lastly, I must admit I had a Dan Quayle moment figuring out if the correct plural form is “flamingos” or “flamingoes”.

According to this person more versed in linguistics than I, both forms are correct .

When referencing something online, for those of you who do not know better, a source may be deemed credible if it:

– is not a commercial site attempting to sell you something
– has some sort of oversight of the information presented (hence, comment sections are basically trash)
– is affiliated with an academic or established institution of its field (information about Ford cars can be generally percieved as factual from the Ford website, for instance)
– it can be verified by other trusted sources (in this case, the Oxford English Dictionary or other reputable publication

For those who do not grasp the Dan Quayle reference, see it here .

Anyway, here are the birds, again (other flamingos were featured way back in January).

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