SeaWorld Part VI of XVI: The Puffins Are Watching

This little fellow was very social, coming right up to the other side of the glass when he saw me come into the room. I happened to come in when the exhibit was empty, although by the time I left there must have been thirty people or so. I find it surprising that some of the animals were so interested in tourists such as myself. There is no way to feed the animals, or give them other forms of strong positive reinforcement aside from a smiling face and maybe a few kind words. The previously shown Beluga and young dolphin were the other animals that were highly interested in the visitors. In contrast, the adult dolphins, one of the few animals I was allowed to try and touch, did not pay me a visit despite half an hour of waiting and keeping my hand very still.

Here are some of his roommates.

The habitat is a common one shared by puffins and various types of penguins. Despite the fact that penguins live in Anarctica, the case is not as cold as I would expect that region to be. If I’m not mistaken, penguins can be found in South Africa, which would be warmer. Puffins I am not really familiar with.

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