SeaWorld Part V of XIV: Rogues’ Gallery

I remember when I was younger that prior to visiting a theme/amusement park, my parents would first plan out where we were going and what we were going to do. This is good practice that generally transfers to all areas of life. Teacher prep courses hammered the same point home, that it’s better to have too many things to do then to be caught short.

I had originally thought of going to SeaWorld the Monday before (I ended up going on a Wednesday). But looking things over quickly on that Sunday night, I had several concerns:

-driving three hours each way
-deciding whether it was good to buy tickets online or in person (does the park stop selling tickets after a certain capacity?)
-did I have enough cash on hand?
-what the weather was going to be like?
-most importantly, dividing things up into “must see”, “nice to see”, and “see if there’s time”.

I mention all this because even though I went through the concerns listed, and sat down at the first available table with a map and Sharpie once I was in the gates, I basically made a counterclockwise loop around the park. I think it coincidentally matches what was most interesting to me.

This next batch is SeaWorld’s exhibit of poisonous and overall hazardous fish.

Remember this fellow?

I found a relative.

This one's far happier.

The Arising!

I heard it referred to as "dragonfish", but did not catch an identifying plaque.

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