SeaWorld, Part I of XIV: The Children Playing in the Rye

One of the few things I wanted to do since I came down here to Florida was visit SeaWorld in Orlando once again. I had been once before roughly 17 years ago, and it stands as one of my favorite childhood memories.

I had intended to visit since November, and with the realization that I have passed the halfway point in my stint here, I braved the six hour drive alone Wednesday, March 3. Some of my coworkers are surprised that I went by myself, but I doubt I would have found a willing copilot to leave here at 5:30 in the morning.

I have taken slightly over one hundred pictures. To sit here and load them all in one fell swoop is a daunting task, and would result in quite a wait on your end for the page to load.

I think it makes sense to do a few pictures at a time, and I think it’s logical to do it exhibit by exhibit. I have pictures from fourteen areas; I know I skipped the sea lions, as you can see them in New England. I didn’t go on any rides, either, as most got you wet, and the day started a rainy, dreary 51 degrees; not at all dissimilar from the opening scenes in Melville’s Moby-Dick, or The Whale, which opened in a rainy Massachusetts November.

The first batch here is of the juvenile Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins , kept in a separate tank from the adults, who turned out to be rather nasty to each other while I was there (the adults, not the kids). This made me think of Salinger’s book The Catcher in the Rye, whose protagonist (main character) Holden Caulfield has a dream about keeping a group of children safely away from a cliff while they are playing a game of tag in a wheat field. The fact that the younger dolphins were kept away from the adults, and fenced off from the general public, reminded me of this.

They’re about the size of a large dog, although I’m fairly sure they weigh a deal more. While the adults were covered in minor lacerations from one another’s teeth and were none too interested in we humans that dangled our limbs in the side of their pool, the young ones were as cheerful, rambunctious, and pristine in appearance as the species is famed.

Most of these pictures are of one individual, who took notice of me and thought it would be fun to try and splash me. We kept a game of it going for a good ten minutes. Aside from trying to get me drenched, he made quite a show of raising himself out of the water to get a look at me.

These were taken when I first entered the park, and I stopped a second time later in the day just before I left.

I spy...



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3 responses to “SeaWorld, Part I of XIV: The Children Playing in the Rye

  1. Anna Boccuzzi

    Awesome pictures! Did you take them? I was reading you story [well its kid of a story more of a atobiogrife] sorry i’m not the best speller,oh ya so anyways I was reading your story when I saw the dolphin[s]! there so cute. Your loveing sister Anna Lisa Boccuzzi

    • mrcboccuzzi

      Aloha! Nice to hear from you. I have many, many more pictures to share- about 110 all told. All of these are ones that I have taken. I’ve also put up pictures of the walruses and Beluga whales, and am working on the Killer Whale post at the moment.


  2. Anna Boccuzzi

    I love the pictures. Did you take them? Also I liked your story alot. Well just wanted to say “hi”. your loving sister Anna Lisa Boccuzzi

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