Bike Ride Monday 2.8.2010 – 33.25 Mile Round-Trip to the Roosevelt Bridge

I’ve been meaning to put these up for some time; it’s been busy. I took a 33.25 mile bike ride on my day off earlier this month and to prevent myself from growing bored, as one would riding around all the same places, I decided to wander off the island. There is about seventeen miles of good sidewalks that follow the main strip.

These three shots are of another private golf club a few miles to the north once you leave the island. At least, the hole that you can see from the main drag.

These two shots are of roadside carnage (do not be overly alarmed, it’s not a car accident- I don’t think). One thing that sticks out in my memory from the drive down from Massachusetts is that there were many blown-out tires strewn along the roadway. It was very unsettling.

What I found particularly odd was that there were no tire tracks leading from the roadway down the embankment, which I would expect if a car had hit the pole and skidded downwards. The tracks visible extend from the sidewalk up towards the road. Maybe someone was really out of it and was driving on the sidewalk itself. I don’t know.

This is a few feet from an intersection, and across the intersection there has been some ongoing road construction for numerous weeks. I’m assuming the explanation for what we’re seeing is tied to that. In retrospect, I hope it was dismantled for official reasons.

Just before this massive bridge (shots forthcoming) there is a bicycle shop that I did not know existed (to my frustration, as I thought the one I bought mine from and the big-box retailers were the only game in town). Not that I’m dissatisfied with the place where I bought my bike; it’s best to shop around a bit, no matter what you’re buying. At the end of the plaza there is a most satisfactory mural.

I should point out that the team’s spring training facilities are clear across the state, roughly three hours away.

I forget precisely how long this bridge is. I think two miles.

Resident parking only.

The wonderful thing about this sign is that unless it was installed by a helicopter, an extremely slow vehicle, or a pedestrian, the rule was broken in order to tell you not to do it in the first place.

This is the width between the apartments and the deep water. I would not want to live here when a hurricane is expected.

Once over the bridge, this shady operation is on the left. I used to think it was strange that pagers were still sold.

However, when I had the chance to check it out without worrying about traffic, there was something else much more unusual. I don’t think multiple businesses would use Comic Sans font.

No, it is not a plaza. Just something I’ll probably submit to a joke website.

Heading southbound back over the bridge, this is the view to the right, or, I think, west. This was clearly designed with extreme weather in mind. It also benefits from having the bridge to serve as a wave-breaker.

Just after the bridge there’s a little side street and a whole waterfront district to explore. This is to give a rough idea of just how large a structure we’re dealing with.

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