The Lay of the Land

Now that I have the time, and a bicycle (much easier to pull over than a car), here is what the surrounding area looks like.

I took care to show only public places, so I didn’t intrude on anyone’s privacy. Heading off the island, you go down a winding road for about a mile and a half, which is lined with people’s houses.

At the end of this road, you come to a T junction. To the right is a public (?) beach, which I have yet to go to. To the left is the mainland. There are all sorts of flora foreign to me. It is very scenic, though.

This next shot is looking back towards the island. I’ve never seen a branch grow like an archway.

This next series is of one of the two drawbridges that connect the island to the mainland. This is a crappy shot looking to the right from the beginning of the bridge.

Next is the area specifically designed for pedestrian and bike traffic. Having the jersey barrier there is rather luxurious.

Now for a better shot of the waterway. Note the sliver of land in the middle of all that water.

Now to turn our attention to the left.

Turning back to the right, here’s a closer shot of that island I called attention to earlier.

Lastly, how does one get this job? In the top left corner, that’s the drawbridge operator shack. It’s too small to make out, but there’s a DirectTV dish mounted to the right of the front door.

Once you’re over the bridge, there’s a side street to the right that has an elementary school, then you cross a set of train tracks and begin to see an array of shops, real estate offices, and then a formal plaza with a Winn-Dixie supermarket. Every time I go past it, I think to myself “Isn’t there a movie called ‘Because of Winn-Dixie’? Wasn’t ‘Winn-Dixie’ in that movie a dog? Who names a dog after a supermarket? Would you name a dog ‘Stop & Shop’?”

It’s something I keep meaning to look up, and I guess I could do it now. On some level I’d rather preserve the mystery.

Anyway, the very last shop in the development is the bike shop where I got my new bike. They were very helpful.

Before purchasing a bike, I noticed all of these bikes, which were rentals.

I forget exactly how it worked out, but to break even between renting and buying a bike I would have had to rent something like ten times, and the rental is one day only.

The afternoon’s shipment is still on the sidewalk. The shop inside is ridiculously full.

When I rode my bike back to the island for the first time, this obstacle nearly killed me. The traffic is busy enough to the left that if you know what’s good for you, you’ll try to pull off that hard right, hard left, sudden stop every time.

Now we move to being back on the island, and past my room (it’s a three mile round trip from my room to the bike shop and back), which I’m fairly sure is on the northern tip of the island. This last series for now is what you see heading southbound.


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2 responses to “The Lay of the Land

  1. Chris, I just loved the pictures of the island. It looks beautiful and I can’t wait to get to FL. The wet and cold are really getting to me. For the next week we won’t get above 32.

    Your bike looks great and I hope you enjoy it. Just be careful of all the old people (like me) that drive.

    How are you doing? This is going to be so strange not having you for Christmas, we will all miss you.

    How is Ann doing without you? Love Grandma

    • mrcboccuzzi

      Strangely, I sort of miss the cold. Christmas decorations on palm trees just look silly. Thankfully, thus far the roadways are nearly deserted. I still wear a bright red shirt to keep visible, though.

      So far it’s been fairly routine. This past week has been slow, but it’s starting to pick up again, and I’m trying not to pay close attention to the dates. It’s flying by.

      Ann’s in the middle of finishing her schoolwork for the semester. She’s getting by.

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