The Bicycle Came Today

I ordered a Trek 3500 series mountain bike before Thanksgiving from the local shop, and today I received word that the good people had finished assembling it. I decided to walk to the shop, a distance of around three miles, and ride back home rather than deal with the car.

I had noticed when I placed my order that the shop gives a folder with each bike purchased, containing the manual, receipt, coupons, and information about the shop, among other things.

I forgot about this tidbit, so juggling the folder and learning the quirks of how this bike handles at the same time made things interesting, as I nearly fell off once when the sidewalk had this crazy maze of ramps that came without warning- I’ll provide a picture in the next post.

I left for the bike shop at noon, arrived at about quarter of one, and spent until three riding around the island. There’s a straight-shot road that led me to some beach areas and a surprisingly developed area, with high-rise hotels. I was under the impression that where I am was like Nantucket, or the lower Cape. I’ll have pictures on the way.

More random information you, dear reader, did not ask for but are getting anyway: films watched since my relocation!

From Hell
Sleepy Hollow
Batman (1989)
Batman Returns
Jurassic Park
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
East of Eden
Home Alone
Star Trek: First Contact


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2 responses to “The Bicycle Came Today

  1. Hi Chris, Just wondering how you are doing? Hope you like your new bike. How big is the island you are on? Looking forward to seeing you the end of February. Trying to finish up my Christmas shopping before the stores get really crazy. Love Grandma

    • mrcboccuzzi

      So far so good. I’m about to launch Christmas shopping myself. I have to get the oil in the car changed. The island is 14 miles, stem to stern, and I think around 5 miles wide, although I’m not sure on that. Pictures of the area coming later tonight!

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