Staff Laundry Located; Also, I Bought a Bike and the Answer to A Burning Question

As stated, I have located the staff laundry machines, which is fabulous. I have run out of clean undergarments.

As previous entries will attest, I tend to either stay in my little room or embark on solo adventures, mostly to local fast food establishments.

This week’s fast food place was Checkers. It is directly responsible for the lack of updates. From the main drag it appears to be a whimsical retro establishment:

The first of two drive-thru lanes

View approaching the establishment from the main drag. Don't worry, I took this from a parking lot across the street.

Checkers after you've driven past it. This is from the Applebee's parking lot, looking back. This shows the second drive-thru lane, the one in which I went through.

I was greatly confused by the layout of the operation. Most fast food places operate like so:

A similar setup exists for most banks, although I have seen the dual lanes side-by-side. Craving a bacon double-cheeseburger, I ventured to Checkers for its markedly different appearance and in the spirit of adventure. I was greeted by quite the surprise, and was glad that I was the only one around. I wonder how many accidents this arrangement has caused:


Not only were the wraparound drive-thru lanes interesting, but let’s toss some pedestrian traffic into the mix for good measure.

The man who took the order was very nice. I ended up getting a Baconzilla, which after having the Godzilla at Eagles’ Deli about a month ago, I can say Checkers should be banned from using “zilla”, as their portion was markedly smaller.

This was my initial reaction.

It wasn’t until hours later that combat erupted somewhere in the reaches of my digestive system. I didn’t get sick, but there was much rumbling, and some discomfort. The culprit, I am sure, was Checkers’ addition of “CHEEZ” sauce to the party. I can stomach some crap, like the cheddar in the Arby’s Beef N’ Cheddar. I actually like it. But when compounded with bacon and regular cheddar cheese, nay nay.

Speaking of Arby’s, the last time I was there I was tempted to pull out the camera and take a picture of the tray liner. It had originally fooled me. Someone else thought alike and posted it on FAILblog this morning:

Seriously, this isn't even funny. Just aggravation for people who were either momentarily fooled, or for the poor kids workig the register who have to explain that it really isn't worth anything.

In the meanwhile, I went to Chick-fil-A to claim my free meal. It was the third time I’ve gone there since coming down here, and was still very tasty. They didn’t have the killer honey-mustard sauce that normally comes with the club, so I fashioned my own. Yes, they supply honey packets. I was quite surprised.

So as my friend Ryan is well aware after I’ve picked his brain, I decided to make one nice purchase for myself for the time that I’m down here. I’ve gotten lethargic in the past month or so, the combination of sitting around and a slow work environment working hand-in-hand to make me feel drowsy for no justifiable reason. So after wanting to for about a year and a half, I bought a nice bicycle. And I quickly found out at the bike shop down the road that cycling can easily be as expensive as drumming or other musical instruments, and then some. So, since I really am too pedestrian to discern the subtleties between a $4,000 mountain bike and the $300 one that I bought, I stayed within my price range. They were very nice, and let me try a bunch around the parking lot. I think I ended up with a 16 or 18″ frame- whichever it was, I tried it out first, and then they were happy to order it in the color I wanted. It is a Trek 3 series. Follow the jump to check it out.
I got the red one. Yes, I did think of Steve Martin’s story in “My Blue Heaven” afterwards. It should be here and assembled within a week or so. I’ll have pictures.

As a security measure, I assure all of you I am not crazy, either. I’ll be keeping it locked up in my room when it is not in use. The closet is actually spacious (and empty) enough that I can park it right inside. In the offchance I’ve eyeballed it incorrectly, I can rearrange a few things.

Now, for the answer to the burning question. The entries of my drive down mentioned signs posted along the highway that warned the speed limit was enforced by aircraft. I thought this was a load of rotten apples.


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