For Those Of You Who Consider Friday the 13th To Be Unlucky…

Today I went to a mandatory staff meeting and won a minifridge:



Alas, I had already anticipated the need for such, and already had one:




Since we are fed three meals daily, there is no pressing need for a fridge outside of a few beverages. As the photos attest, my juice and water are all set. Thus, I am giving the white one away to my fellow coworker two rooms down, Captain Salad.

I had all of yesterday and today off, which I used to explore the main highway. I haven’t really driven that much after arriving here. In Massachusetts, a tank of gas would last me roughly a week, maybe nine or ten days if I stretched it. I bought gas yesterday for the first time since October 21, which works out to twenty-two days to use three-quarters of a tank (about 280 miles), which works out to 13 miles a day. Not too bad at all.

My travels yesterday were limited to US-1 South and North, to Jupiter and Stuart, respectively. Heading southbound yielded little of immediate interest. There was a retro Dunkin’ Donuts “restaurant”, which had a bright stylized neon sign and plenty of booths visible from the road. It is similar to the 1950s-esque McDonald’s I spotted, which I have yet to visit but will soon, complete with pictures.

Southbound does not lead to Miami- I’m fairly sure you need to jump on 95 to get there- but after a barren stretch that is a nature preserve, Jupiter proper has some interesting architecture. There were a few seemingly all-glass buildings (odd choice for perhaps the most hurricane-prone section of the country), reminding me of the Hancock tower. There was a Carraba’s Italian restaurant, which I know I will investigate eventually.

Also of note was what I’d dub the Spanish/Tuscan vibe; I’m not sure of the correct designation. Many buildings there have sand-colored walls, orange semi-circular tiled roofs, and thin windows. There was a Wendy’s like this, which initially surprised me, until I remembered the McDonalds on Cape that had to display weathered shingles to mesh with the neighborhood.

The excursion did yield the largest Toyota dealership and church I have seen. The Toyota Dealership may or may not be the largest in terms of square footage, but it did have its own three or four tier parking garage.

The church, on the other hand, was a massive structure consistent with the psuedo-Tuscan style described earlier. The local police and fire stations were also done this way, and after seeing such, I have no reservations in accepting that this is the richest per-capita town in the country.

A few places still on my list to try- Steak & Shake (doesn’t that just sound like a date night with Pepto Bismol?), Checkers, and the aforementioned distinctive Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Carraba’s.

I found a proper mall last night, which it turns out I had been to before with my fellow journeyman when he had to exchange a pair of shoes. I simply didn’t recognize it as I wasn’t driving that day. I was tempted on four separate occassions to buy something- two shirts at Hot Topic (one black with the Ghostbusters logo, another of Sonic & Knuckles), a small black military cap at Old Navy (similar, but inferior to, my last one, worn primarily when I worked at Hemisphere in 2006), and a brown Dickies button-down short-sleeve shirt. I didn’t really need any of these, thus I talked myself out of all of them.

I did spend some time in the Borders at this mall (which isn’t that far from the in-mall Ruby Tuesday, another spot to visit) looking at Steinbeck’s The Log From the Sea of Cortez. I also did not buy this, although I probably will eventually, wishing to finish reading the books I have brought first.

I did find a Barnes & Noble across from the mall as well, which is excellent, as I prefer them anyway.

Lastly, I was reading an article last night about how franchise operators for Burger King were suing the parent corporation for pressing on with a $1 double cheeseburger promotion, which the franchise operators claim would result in a net loss of a dime per sandwich.

The reason I bring this up is that the article cites Burger King as being based out of Miami. I have seen practically every familiar fast-food operation (Taco Bell, KFC, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Arby’s, Domino’s, Chili’s) as well as the lesser-knowns (Chick-fil-A, Steak & Shake, Ruby Tuesday’s, Carraba’s), but noticably absent, NO BURGER KING. I did find a vacant building that once housed one, next to the throwback McDonald’s.

If I must have a bacon cheeseburger, I suspect Ruby Tuesday’s may have to answer the call.

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