More Fast-Food/Chain Restaurant Explorations

Why, you ask? Because the Catfish House frightens me.

Today was the second of my two days off. My gripping life today consisted of breaking into the laundry department while waving a wet towel. I finally managed to catch them while they were open. I may not have explained- this operation has kept hours that make banks look like 7-11.
So new towels and fresh uniforms for me.

Later, I further explored the surrounding area. My first order of business was to investigate the Boston Market location I spotted while driving with my fellow journeyman some weeks ago.

I have had Boston Market once, and that was with one of my oldest friends in Boston proper, during a day we window-shopped at Guitar Centers. I recall being very satisfied.

There was also a time I had “Boston Market”, which was operated from the mashpee Stop & Shop deli. Not the same, and much more expensive.

When riding shotgun a week or so back, this sign piqued my interest and a sense of minor outrage:


Now, is this merely pandering to a southern market, or are this promotion also in the Northeast?

Although I still sort of wanted to, I didn’t stride in wearing Josh Beckett’s name across my shoulders.

I had a “1/4 chicken sandwich”- that’s a quarter of a chicken, not a quarter of a sandwich- with a side of macaroni & cheese and a large Sprite.

The sandwich was grilled white-meat chicken (with some patches of dark meat), lettuce, tomato, cheddar, and honey dijon mustard encompassed by a baguette. The meat was warm, but not quite as hot as I’d liked. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the honey-dijon, but it turned out not to be too pronounced. Perhaps the biggest obstacle for this sandwich to sway me was that I had been so pleasantly surprised and subsequently enamoured with yesterday’s expedition:



The lady working the counter was seemed nice enough, but felt it necessary to fill the time while my order was being made with a story of some crazed person that walked in off the street yesterday, who began to berate some customers.

It sounds like a lovely area. I should travel at night more often.

Despite this tidbit of colorful local, I dined outside in the little cafe area.


The umbrella in the bottom-left is where I sat

The mac & cheese is a change from the standard fries/chips that you’d get with most sandwiches. Nothing special, though- large spirals and what tasted like the Ragu cheese sauce.

Now after talking about Pedro around this time yesterday, I did not watch last night’s game, as the common room really did look like the world cup- soccer game on the big screen and plenty of PCOs (persons of Carribean origin) as spectators.

So, I made do with’s GameDay- which is basically a Nintendo-like video of a batter, a box, home plate, and a pitcher’s mound. When a pitch is thrown, is trails across the screen like a comet. It’s actually nice because you can swing the camera around at will on any pitch, much as if you were walking around on the field. Plus, all the numbers you could ever want (how fast was the ball when it left the pitcher? How fast was it when it crossed the plate?).

Now regarding the outcome: it would be like patting Wall Street executives on the back when they hand each other bonuses after they’ve taken massive amounts of your tax money. The head-to-head season series was an even draw, 8-8. I look forward to the talk of the Cy Young award in the coming weeks. For reasons I’ll go into later, it shouldn’t be CC Sabathia.

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