Below the Mason-Dixon Line

I haven’t seen any Confederate flags yet, although I have looked.

Yes, and I miss all of you already.

Yes, and I miss all of you already.

Some numbers from today:

>observed and classified celestial bodies- McDonald’s and road construction zones encountered in the Northeast corridor

1743- songs currently on iPod nano

>500- miles driven thus far; may or may not accurately reflect the number of signs warning that “Bridges May Be Icy”; blown-out tires spotted

360- roughly how many miles car will travel on a single tank of fuel

~180- dollars new iPod cost to replace one lost on T last week

100- the surprise discrepency of miles between AAA’s directions and those provided by the real-time GPS device TomTom, on loan from Ann

88.50- the cost to stay at a Holiday Inn Express

71- average speed

16- GB of storage available on new iPod

13- dollars spent at the first Arby’s, which came in Pennsylvania :

I had to cross fours states to find thee!

I had to cross fours states to find thee!

The neon lights make it all the more alluring.

The neon lights make it all the more alluring.

7- states inhabited today

6- cars involved in a pileup in the opposite lane around New York City; months until I return to Massachusetts; number of Arby’s thus far into the drive

4- instances when current state was indeterminate; very steep hills where one could do the speed limit by surrending to the force of gravity; number of times either a Mercedes or Land Rover cut between Elliot and I

3- number of Beef N’ Cheddar sandwiches purchased at Arby’s; cups of coffee imbibed; stuffed shells enjoyed at Ann’s last night; visits to Town Fair Tire in the past two months; driving days required to reach our Florida destination; dead deer in breakdown lane

2- cars in our convoy; road crews spotted in designated road construction zones, for a whopping occupany rate of .006%. Each crew consisted of three men. One unit was operating a truck retrieving road cones. The other unit, clearly having much more fun, were operating a flamethrower personally autographed by Sigourney Weaver after its debut in the Alien franchise. I surmise they were heating up the tarmac, or simply landed a much more entertaining job than whatever lies in store for either Elliot or I.

1- steel light pole that looked like it was wrecked by a Godzilla-type creature in New York; number of times Elliot and I have been heckled (leaving Arby’s in Pennsylvania we were called out on the Red Sox postseason implosion of 2009); times I have had to fill my gas tank today

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